Peacehaven East Sussex

Peacehaven Clifftop Walk


A walk along the cliffs at Peacehaven, and a look at the sea. Hear the wind (and very little else) as I approach the Meridian monument. Not the windiest or waviest you'll see, but a good impression of Peacehaven in the winter.



Peacehaven by Bus - The South Coast Road (A259)

A trip through Peacehaven on the 12A, along the South Coast road, on Boxing day 2013. I've started in Saltdean to show the state of the Lido, then the Portobello works and The Smugglers Rest pub, all the way to the site of the old Motel at the Newhaven end of Peacehaven

Peacehaven Videos - Discovered in 2013

The earliest moving pictures of Peacehaven that I have seen. Supplied by the Bateman family on 9.5mm Pathe stock, a popular format until the early 60s. These films date from the late 40s/early 50s. Please let me know anything you know about them.

Barry Parks Comments
"The Motley School of Dancing was at the top of our road (Mayfield Avenue), and in the "Peacehaven and Dancing" film, at 0:43, the view down Mayfield Avenue has our house on the left (it's gone).
In the same film, at 3:25, there's a view towards Bolney Avenue showing the WWII observation tower that stood next to the easternmost of the three cliff top shelters. I remember it, but haven't seen a picture of it before.
The yachts are most definitely not in Peacehaven! It is the River Bure in Norfolk on the Horning stretch of the river, and at 2:35 includes theTudor style (might be real) "Swan Inn" in Horning, which is still there.

If you have trouble viewing the movies within these pages, go to Peachaven on Youtube

The Motley Dancing school and more of Peacehaven


Some of the Girls here and below -

Hilary Drake ,Sheila Clarke, Pat Lawrence, Trudie Coppinger, Rona Burdett, Linda Harris, Judy Harrison, Jeanette Raby


Peacehaven, dancing, streets, cliffs etc


Barry's parents went to "Peacehaven College" oin the 1930s, which was in the house that became "Motley"

A wedding at Telscombe Village, and back to Peacheaven
Who's the happy couple? When!?

There's a suggestion that the couple are Jo (nee Stevens), and Reg Hathaway.??



There are very few videos out there - that I can find, of Peacehaven History, so here's a further appeal. Does anyone have any home movies that could feature on these pages? Perhaps you have some old Super 8 or other format movies which we could convert and upload, I'll be very pleased to help. If you already have material on Youtube, let me know and I'll consider linking to it.

Here's Three fantastic clips of Peacehaven Carnival procession from the 1970s, from the Neal Bateman and family collection




Peacehaven Hotel Site - now the Carvery


The Cliffs at Peacheaven showing the Meridian Monument


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