Peacehaven East Sussex

Visitors to Peacehaven will likely be drawn to the Cliffs and sea, and rightly so, but there are a couople of delightful walks of only a few miles, introducing the edge of the downs and two picturesque villages, Piddinghoe and Telscombe. And an incinerator.


Telscombe Village
Peacehaven to Piddinghoe/Newhaven
Start from Barclays bank on the corner of the South Coast Road and Roderick Avenue, looking North. Walk straight up Roderick avenue, past the Meridean centre, youth club and Annexe stores, and keep going up the hill, then turn right into Glynn road. Walk all the way along this road until you see some industrial units a the end. You carry on betwwen the buildings and you come to a narrow road - this goes a through Hoddern farm, up the hill with views over the OUse towards Lews. Down the hill and on to the Lews road - and there's Piddinghoe. Afte walking through the village, you can carry on along the banks of the Ouse (past that incinerator) to Newhaven
Peacehaven to Telscombe Village (and back)
Start again from Barclays bank on the corner of the South Coast Road and Roderick Avenue.Walk up the hill turn left into Arundel road. Carry on to Ambleside avenue, turn right up the hill. You'll see some trres and a park on the left, whre you can go down the hill to Central avenue the along Park Avenue (behind the School) then turn right into Telscombe Cliffs way. This soon becomes an unmade road. carry on until a T junction and turn left into Telscombe Road. Follow this until you come to the open grass of Telscombe Tye. Turn right here and after a few more minutes, Telscombe will appear in the valley below. Rather than retracing your route, after exploring the village, take the footpath behind the Church, which will join up with the "lookout" there you find yourself a the top of the unmade section of Roderick Avenue, s walk South back to the Starting Point.



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