Peacehaven East Sussex

Peacehaven Descriptive Guide - Rambles and Excursions in the District

Here's a very interesting addition to the collection. I'm not sure of the date - the leaflet refers to a book published, I believe in 1927 "Philip Norton's Ambition" "A new and delightful story for senior boys and girls", by W.P.Hislop, the author also of the Peacehaven guide. One could infer that the leaflet was published in the late 1920s. I'd welcome any further information about the author, or the businesses mentioned within.

Please also get in touch with any copyright concerns.
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This advert caught my eye because of the reference "Mrs Masnfield (late of Kibworth "House" - This is the earliest mentin I have found, of what I assume is the same Kibworth house in Slindon avenue, where I lived from 1962-1967. As before, any further details would be most welcome.

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